May You Be Blessed This Morning

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Today’s Reading

Worship the Lord with gladness. Come before him, singing with joy.

Psalms 100:2

To be filled with Joy is to be free every day. 

Think about that. Freedom comes when you fully understand that nothing you do will ever do can remove you from the love of God. Nothing that you do can ever hinder the blessings coming your way. 

So come before the Lord, singing with joy. That means take a posture of gratitude when you present your wants and needs to the Father. I pray you go about your day today full of joy. Remember that you are joyful because you know that God is powerful, He is full of grace, and your requests will be made known. 

Live life as if you are already healed from the inside out. 

Live life as if you are already living with that new pay raise or new job. 

Life life free of anxiety. Don’t let worry weigh you down. 

Be glad, be grateful, be joyful. 

The Prayer

Father, we come singing your praises, we worship you today and everyday. We are filled with your spirit, therefore we are filled with your joy. We declare any sick cell will be healed. We declare anything that worries us or keeps us up at night, is already taken care of. You fight our battles, therefore we stand in awe of your work. We take a posture of gratitude and we pray our stories impact the people around us. May they see your face, through the way we live our lives full of joy.

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